latest news:

actually working on

techno-based project:

YUL”, a very unusual travel into the minimal techno environment. It is imminent the release of “Elliptical landscapes”, a four tracks EP.

Other two projects invokes the “collaborative/postal“ creative technique with the musician-producer Enrico Barbaro (under the sign “francescoalbano // enricobarbaro”):

POSTALART”, an experimental electronic production, and “ASAP”, a personal approach to the “alternative-electronic-postminimalistic”  songwriting.

Also these project will release soon a six and a four tracks EP.

All these projects are produced by ‘RTF Productions’ and detailed info on release date will be updated here asap.

I’m also working to the production of several video for “Il Tesoro di San Gennaro”, see their website for more informations.

Naples, september. 2012

francesco albano

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